Doutzen – you get a lot!

It’s not easy to find the reasonable priced offers in the huge fund of SL Marketplace. I was surfing and found Doutzen by R.icielli.
After shopping I went to Venice and visited the fantastic place right beside the Rialto bridge again and took the following for you.


For only L$299 you get five looks, including…
* 1 Mesh Spiked Studded Trench Coat (Brown)
* 1 Mesh Long Boots (Black)


* 1 Mesh Pants (Black)
* 1 Mesh Hoodie Jacket (Gray)
* 1 Mesh Spiked Boots (Black)


* 1 Mesh Fringed Top (Black)
* 1 Fitted Mesh + Material Pants (Salmon)


* 1 Mesh Jeans Pants
* 1 Tank Top White

* 1 Mesh Spiked Jacket (Black)
* 1 Mesh Studded Jeans Shorts (Gray)
* 1 Mesh Bikini
* 2 Mesh Necklace
* 1 Mesh Cardigan (White)



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