Mistress in Red

After finishing the session in the Veiled Underground Garden, she asked me to come for a drink at her home. Later, we took a shower and dressed up. She wanted me to show her castel…but only if I would wear a collar. A new experience! Me, a Sub? 😉 – I agreed.

So I had to follow her leashed with a silver chain…

miss1 Kopie

…and I was impressed. What are all these special rooms for?


The ambient sound animated to dance. She told me to come closer…


… Where will this end up? – Watch on FLICKR!


  • HAIR: Psylocibin “Dark Brown” from ANALOG DO
  • GOWN: Aura Gown “Scarlet” from VALENTINA V.e.
  • CIGARET: Holder cigaret “Vintage” from NIKOTIN
  • LEASH HOLDER: Leasholder Eli “female” from SALT & PEPPER
  • NECKLACE: Autumn collar “Black” from LUXE


  • Miss Tenderly

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