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Patient Blond

I was hanging around at Teqi’s. Boring at this time of the day. I was expecting to be appealed, but others weren’t in the mood to make the first step! Then SHE came in, stopped right in front of me and I catched a glance of her.


Frankly, i was impressed and had to wait a moment until I could start talking. After a short small talk, I asked her for a photo-shooting for this blog. She agreed, because she likes my photos in FLICKR as well as in the blog. So, we want to a nice Veiled Underground for this shooting.


It seems that she wasn’t posing for the first time. She moved like a professional model. So it was easy to take some nice pics. I liked  how patient she was. It was a great pleasure to watch how she was posing in her very high heels.


She’s such an eye-catcher in her shiny black dress, sexy with style! Phenomenal! And all the accessories as well as the belly-piercing matching perfect with the outfit.


Great! Work is done, let’s go for a dance!



  • HAIR: Catwa Hair Bella V4
  • PIERCING: [FIT-06] Janine Navel Piercing / Triple Bindi Piercing
  • NECKLACE:  Calidice Necklace
  • BRACELET: Voodoo Monkey
  • SHOES: Tay-Lay-Desingns high heel
  • GLOVES: XTC Def-Con Noir Leather Gloves
  • DRESS ::.EE.:: Leather mini dress


  • PheadraBasma

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