Black and shiny

Unfortunately I did not have the pleasure to meet her for some weeks. But then I saw her walking down the street. I only recognized her by reason of her walk. She was on the way to her favorite club.


As I met her there, i realized, that she did undergo a radical change. Her hairstyle, her make-up and her clothes style were totally different to the last time I had seen her.


She looked like a Mistress in her black shiny Latex dress. Whitch conveyed together with her red hair an aura of naughtiness and desirousness. While she was looking to the wicked scenery on the wall, I could read her thoughts. What will this evening bring…?



  • SHOES: moda leather platforms
  • GOWN: maai haley
  • BODY: lara, maitreya
  • HEAD: fiore
  • SKIN: fiore
  • RING: swallow
  • RING: lagoya
  • WATCH: lux baroq watch
  • BANGLE: leather cc gold
  • HAIR: argrace kiku red


  • ZAZA

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