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“Satisfying the upper class snobs!”

Actually, The Chamber is a club with a mysterious atmosphere in a nice old-fashioned ambiance. But I’m rarely there because the owner is quite arrogant and domineering. Anyway, sometimes I just want to see gorgeous people and have some fun. My first place to go was a “chambre séparée” on the upper floor. Mostly it’s rather quiet there, this time as well. But one beautiful woman is enough to be with…actually!


Mistress Bellestar aspirated a friendly but dominant “Hello, mister Austrone!” Only a couple of seconds later her Sub was scurrying into the chamber. Both ladies were dressed in black, dressed to satisfy some upper-class snobs, maybe…


…these were my thoughts. I had in mind to satisfy my eyes and to watch what women in the red light establishment are wearing. Well, bouth are eye-catchers, of course 😉


I asked Mistress Bellestar where she’s got this slinky outfit from. After encouraging her to disclose the secret, she betrayed: “I love to shop at BLACK SWAN!”



  • Hair: Vixen, Truth
  • Body: Lara, Maitreya
  • Tattoo: Leia, Taox
  • Dress: Born to ride, BLACK SWAN
    (This dress is not in the shop yet, but you can see it at Lubbly Jubblies)
  • Shoes: Zada, Moda

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