Spring feelings in fall

After the last shooting surprised by the winter we had the desire for warm temperatures. So we decided to meet in Venice hoping for a mild late autumn day. I went down to the Rialto bridge and was waiting there for Zaza. After a while standing in front of a Pizza shop I saw her coming along the street.


She was wearing a short grey leather dress, a black coat hung debonaire over her right shoulder. She got the attention of the passers-by because of these black stockings and the high heels in combination with that certain indefinable something.


The lovely weather let us feel like in spring time, although the leaves on the trees were shining in autumnal gold. And her long blonde hair fitted well to this colorful scenery.


Finally we met in front of this pizza store. But we were going to enjoy a tasty  dinner in a typical Italian restaurant and talk about our next fashion adventures. :))


Zaza’s look

  • Hair: tableau kyu
  • Dress: man bilavio talia suede grey
  • Coat: lyndee shine
  • Shoes: ricielli  anaju
  • Stockings: blueberry
  • Body: maitreya mesh
  • Skin: fiore
  • Rings: lux

Next blog

Do you want to be the next to present your favorite look and outfit! Contact me by E-Mail or in SL. See you


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