White Lily

Entering Teqi’s I was coincidentally standing in front of this beauty, face to face. I made a formal apology for pushing her. She did not answer but I received a beautiful smile.
During my conversation with a friend, she went to one of these “Zebra”-chairs and took a seat – slinky, provocative, salacious…


Everybody was watching her. Dressed in White, like a virgin. She was soaking the melting gazes knowing that she was adored or envied.


The spotlight intensified the white of her stockings and her minidress. I couldn’t spot staring at her, then she returned my look again. I moved closer to her – step by step –  and asked her for a dance. Surprisingly she was very pleased and accepted my invitation.


The DJ changed to slow rhythms. Soon we forgot what was around us. The heat of the night let us melt…



Hair: Tableau Vivant
Head: Lelutka Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Shoes: N-Core Donna Black
Socks: _CD_Mayumi Socks White
Skirt: Bueno – Skirt White
Shirt: Blueberry – Knotted Tops


…to the next morning!

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