Beach light

What’s the today’s story? – Back home from Venice I was calling Zaza for another shooting. We went to my beach house. This time of the year the scenery before sunset is really beautiful. But – look at her! She’s more gorgeous than every sundown!


Whilst small talk and drinking a glass of champagne she realized my finished tattoo and asked me for a posing together with her. So, tattoos are made to be shown. 😉


Well, we took this “Selfie” with the delayed action release. But then the focus was on her. She is so photogenic. I had to take only one picture to be satisfied.


The terms were perfect for a wonderful night on the beach…




  • Dress: savage black
  • Hair: tableau vivant
  • Body: maitreya mesh
  • Shoes: kc anneka
  • Rings: kibitz
  • Watch: baroq
  • Nails: chic


  • Body: the mesh project
  • Hair: redgrave, mina
  • Pants: <kal rau>, casual chino
  • Shoes: GIZZA, baskeball shoes
  • Tattoo: Letis Biomachanical

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