At the fair

While I was exploring the fashion news at the Bombastic Fair, I saw this long legged girl shopping. I was asking her about her achievements. She was telling me about a short black dress, stockings, high heels… Asking her to change and wear this new stuff for some pictures she acceded immediately.


She told me that she had decided to buy a face piercing. So the shopping lasted hours longer then it was planed. And after thad she was looking for new sun glasses. There were so many beautiful models and types. It was difficult to decide.


After all she was very happy with this shopping day and she was looking forward to surprise her lover with this unexpected piercing…



  • Hair: CATWA Hair Flexi
  • Glasses:-SU!- The Shagi Glasses
  • Earring: Shamara
  • Piercing: -SU!- Kara Facial Piercing
  • Dress: KIM Sequin Mesh Love Dress
  • Tights: -SU!- Lady Rubel Nylon
  • Shoes: MODA Diana Gator Heels
  • Body: Maiteya Mesh Lara
  • Skin: Deesses Ice Frappe

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