Is summer arriving?

Divi and I were searching for a nice place to catch some snapshots from her summer outfit. At the same time I had a chat with Emilia. As a result of this talk she invited us to Chiara von Sonnenkern’s gallery.


Not only this, we’ve also got an invitation for Emilia’s fashion show, which will take part at this beautiful place. (5 March 2016, please ask Emilia Daxter for time and LM)


Divi is wearing:

  • Shades by Ricielli
  • Necklace by {Mistwood]
  • Leash-holder by bishes Inc.
  • Watch by Katie’s
  • Red Ear feather by CentoPallini
  • Blue Ear fether by adoness
  • Spinal piercings by ClarityMoon
  • Nails by [SHOCK]
  • Dress by Lowkey Shawty
  • Hat by Luas
  • Hair braid by EMO-tions
  • Wedges by Faboo


See you!

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