Red Light District

When I was strolling trough Slut Alley, Divi was sitting outside the cabaret caring her nails.


We know each other from former photo sessions, so I was asking her for new one. She seemed not to be very busy at this moment, so she agreed.


She was posing just on the street in front of the cabaret entrance. Believe me or not, it was hard not to tremble with the camera, when I saw her sitting there 😉


After watching her posing and facial expressions I knew why she is so successful as a show girl!


Divi was wearing

  • Hair by Rezology
  • Nails and rings by Energie
  • Necklace by Swallow
  • Nip piercings by Soft Voices
  • Waist chain by KC
  • Watch by Jhessica
  • Corset by insanya
  • Skirt by insanya
  • Boots by Maitreya

Then the show began! 🙂



One thought on “Red Light District

  1. Divia Devine 03/22/2016 / 20:41

    Jon,you always amaze me. I especially like the top pic with the city lights against the darkening sky. Good that you went to Slut Alley


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