Out in the Green

I asked  beautiful Zoé to wear a black outfit witch she likes very much! This is what she decided for: a figure hugging Top by EmilyC, reduced to the max Shorts by Obscura and leg lenghtening overknee boots by CandyDoll! An outstanding look, isn’t it? 😉


Hair “No lyrics” by No match
Top “Jolie” by EmilyC
Shorts by Obscura
Leather bangles by Muka
Necklace by 7mad
Belly piercing by A jewell
Angel necklace by DBL
Ring “plum flower deer” by Zenith


Overknee boots “Cindy” by CandyDoll


2 thoughts on “Out in the Green

  1. Zoezuk 02/10/2017 / 15:58

    It was a great shooting session Jon !. And all the whole outfit (and accessories) i am wearing are one of my favs. Great quality


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