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Twins in Action

Twins? Not really! -When we were planing this post, there was only one sure thing: we wanted to show the latest creations of LsR Moda combined with the extraordinary beautiful shoes of Zara Kent. But we could not decide on a certain outfit, because there are so many worth to be shown!

So, Dyvy made up for two outfits. I’m impressed! Are you too? 😉



rezology Flava hair
LsR – Sandrelle red dress
-:zk:- June Red Boots


rezology Flava hair
*PC* Healing heart necklace (Brass)
-:zk:- Addison Bangle Right rigged
 Beverly Heels black
LsR – Jolene skirt and top

lsr_duo_01_b lsr_duo_02_b


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